Good Morning Church,

Over the last few days we have made plans for assembling as a church and readjusted those plans several times. There are several things to keep in mind as we make these plans. First and foremost, we are concerned about obeying God and His Word (Hebrews 10:23-25). Secondly, we are concerned with the health and well-being of our members as well as our community (Numbers 19:7-22 – It’s not coronavirus, but the principles are the same). Thirdly, we are concerned as well about submitting to the ordinances of man (II Peter 2:13-16).

With all of those thoughts in mind, here are the plans for assembling for the next two weeks:

1.Tonight, Wednesday Mar 18, we ask the men of our church to join us at 7:00 PM for a time of praising God, preaching of the Word, and prayer.
2.On Sunday March 22 and March 29, we will divide the church into two groups and have two services. one at 10:30 AM, and one at 3:00 PM. Essentially, it will be the same service twice.
3.Next week, we will have two midweek services. We will follow the same two groups and have a service on Wednesday March 25, and a service on Thursday March 26.
4.For all services, we ask that if you feel ill, someone in your family is ill, or are in the category of those that are more susceptible to the dangers of this virus (over 65), that you stay at home.
5.We are working on live streaming every service for our members so that we can all be a part of each service. There will be more information to come as we are working on this.
6.During the next two weeks we will not have Sunday School, Children’s Church, or King’s Kids.
7.Tonight, we will give out the list of two groups and to what service each is assigned.

My prayer is that after these two weeks we can return to normal services and activities, but it seems that plans could change even during these two weeks. Please understand that much thought, prayer, and counsel have gone into these decisions. We have tried to make plans and then had those plans interrupted by reports from “health experts” and politicians. We will do our best in the office to make sure that everyone is informed about the plans for assembling in the coming days.