October 13, 2013

Oct 13

Praise the LORD for His mercy and the great grace of God!!  Following last week*s morning service, Mrs. Bragg and I went to the funeral of a relative of Mrs. Mulroney, who had warned us that the family wasn’t a “religious” family.  We greeted the mother and sister of the deceased and then took a seat and waited for the services.  There was a song played and sung before I spoke and then I preached on the “Four Appointments of Man.”   To my surprise everyone was very attentive and listened very well.  At the invitation there were at least 3 adults in that standing room only funeral chapel who raised their hands to ask Jesus to save them!  Praise God, it is called the Gospel of Peace, because it does bring peace in the midst of the storms of life or death!
Thank you Bro. Barker and Bro. Laughbaum for  the messages you preached in my absence.  Though I haven’t heard the sermons, the unsolicited reports that I heard about Sunday night’s sermon was, it was great!  I’m sure the Wednesday night’s message was equally a blessing.  Thank you, thank you men!
God Bless You,
Pastor Bragg