Romans 12:10b …in honor preferring one another.

It does not take much time or effort to explain what it means to prefer another over yourself. It is pretty self-explanatory. This phrase falls squarely in the category of “easier said than done”. Knowing what to do and doing what you know to do is what makes the difference between an obedient faith-filled Christian and a devil. (James 2:18-20) With the idea of preferring one another is also the phrase “in honor” as if to say a privilege. Not only should I prefer you over myself, but it should be my honor to prefer you over myself.

Over the past week or so, we have been thoroughly warned by our government and media on precautions to take to avoid getting sick or passing sickness on to others. We should do our part in honor preferring one another by heeding common sense warnings and precautions. While I do believe that it is wise to prefer another’s health above my own, I also understand Who has allowed sickness, Who heals diseases, and Who to turn to in trouble. Though we shouldn’t live in fear, we should be balanced in preferring one another and preferring our Lord.

Pastor David Bragg