Vacation Bible School 2018

Praise the LORD for the wonderful Vacation Bible School that we held last week! Over 91 signed up for the entire week, 60 workers came and were so faithful, 18 ADULT VISITORS came, (that was amazing), Bro. Roe did a tremendous job preaching each night and 6 WERE SAVED!! PRAISE GOD AND SHAME ON THE DEVIL!

We started each night with singing.








Then we have the penny offering. The children love to see who will win each night. Boys against the girls, and this year the boys won!










A message is preached each night for the children.








Mr. & Mrs. Quiet encourage the children to be obedient and listen to their leaders. At the end of the night they reward one child from each age group.








Game time for the teens.






Game time for the boys.








Crafts for the girls.








The ladies of the church bake cookies for snack time.