Dave and Heidi Bragg and their family are visiting LBBC today. Bro. Bragg is candidating to be our next pastor.
Following our morning services, we will have a church wide carry in lunch. Everyone is welcome and we want you to take plenty of time today to get to know Bro. Bragg and his family. Please do not just eat and run; please stay until you have a chance to meet the Braggs.
Our church will vote on Bro. Dave Bragg on July 17, 2019. If you cannot attend on July 17, please see Henry Schrock for an absentee ballot.
Finally, Bro. Dave Bragg will have to accept or reject the vote that we make. At that point, LBBC may have a new pastor! God show us Your will and make it clear is our prayer!!
The officers of our church continue to work hard to see that God’s Will is done for our church and for the future of our church. Please continue to pray for God’s Will as this transition continues until completion. There is no way one man or group of men can make this change. We are totally trusting in God for His direction.

Saved Forever,
The Interim Pastor

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