Today we welcome, Dan and Beth DeOme from the Philippines. They have worked in that country for 28 years. Dan and Beth are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this year and they are both 70 years old. They have worked with Bro. Bruce Rice since 2008; together they have started 6 churches, turned them over to Filipino pastors and from those churches there have been over 150 churches started! WOW what a great work they are doing for the LORD!! Bro. DeOme will be speaking in the auditorium during the Sunday school time to all of the classes, Teens to Adults. Then he will be preaching to our church tonight at the 6 PM hour. We are so glad to have been supporting them for many years now and so excited to have them with us today!
The surgeries for Joanna Edwards and Lauren Windsor were successful. At the onset of Joanna’s surgery, the doctors could not find the tumor (praise the LORD), but we are waiting to hear whether there are any cancer cells. Lauren’s prognosis is also good. Please keep them in your prayers as they will undergo radiation treatment no matter what the outcome of the test results are. Thank you all for praying!!

God bless you, Pastor Bragg

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