Congratulations to college graduates of 2019 who are members of LBBC:  Beatrice Abraham, Shiphie Philipose and Ethan Schrock. We are thankful for you and are encouraged by the accomplishments you have made!  
Congratulations to our high school graduate from LBBA, Aimee Laughbaum. The Laughbaums moved here almost 10 years ago when Aimee was in elementary school. She has been an exemplary student and a fine Christian young lady. The LBBA graduation is this Wednesday evening at 7:00 PM.  PLEASE REMEMBER THE TIME OF THIS SERVICE!  Thank the Lord for Christian Education and for all the faculty/staff of LBBA!!  
The Sharps are very thankful for the prayers for Mary Joyce. She had surgery on her nose/face this past Friday. Please continue to pray for her recovery. Thank you!!
Please keep in prayer Joanna Edwards and Lauren Higgins as they undergo chemo treatments. Also, Darlene Armfield will have surgery on May 23rd and Bro. Todd Laughbaum on May 30th.  Prayer is much needed and so very much appreciated!    
God bless you,

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