II Corinthians 8:32 b, “… they are the messengers….”
LBBC has prayed often and daily for the messengers who traveled to Israel and back recently. It is a wonderful site to see the LORD hear and answer prayers!! The trip that these messengers took was safe and successful. You will hear from them tonight. Bro. Sharp and Bro. Edwards will give us a briefing with additional information that will pertain just to our church. Thank you for your prayers, Church Family.
LBBA will be on Spring Break this week. Leaders, please remind yourselves of any work that the students do for the church and tell yourselves, “THAT IS MY JOB THIS WEEK!” Let me take a moment to thank all of the students for the extra work of moving partitions, tables, chairs, and all the other jobs they do to help the transition (from school to church and back again) go so smoothly. Thanks students!
Please continue to pray for Joanna Edwards and Lauren Higgins as they are enduring their treatments. Each one has good days and “bad” days. A card would be encouraging to them, but most importantly are your prayers. They would want me to tell each of you thank you!!
God bless you,

Pastor Bragg

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