Comments on a celebration like St. Patrick’s Day would seldom garner any press in this bulletin, but let me give you some truths that no one can deny. First, he isn’t a saint with a capital “S” since Rome never officially canonized him. Second, he isn’t Irish, he was born in Britain in what most believe is the fourth century. Thirdly, he didn’t drive all the snakes from Ireland since there never were any on the island! Finally, Patrick was taken slave by the Irish and was made to tend sheep for 6 years. Now here are some obscure “facts.” After his release, Patrick returned to his home and to an awareness of God which he was taught as a young child. In his mid 40’s he returned to Ireland to convert the heathen who worshiped nature. Patrick used the clover to explain the trinity. Wouldn’t it have been better to know exactly how Patrick stood for Christ? Also, history may obscure the facts, but God has a record in heaven of all we do for HIM!! Just keep preaching a Jewish Messiah to the world!
Please continue to pray for Joanna Edwards and Lauren Higgins as they are doing well with their treatments. They would want me to tell each of you thank you!!
God bless you, Pastor Bragg

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