Praise the LORD for the prospect of Spring! Now mind you, I said, “prospect”of Spring. How good it was to have church both Sunday morning and Sunday evening last week. God bless each of you for your faithfulness and dedication to the LORD here at Lafayette!
This is the most recent note from Alex Jr. “Shabbat shalom to you too Pastor. Well, for the past week we realize more and more how much (Dad) was appreciated and loved and how much he will be missed. We are staying strong, and appreciating all the prayers from you guys. Alex Jr.” Please continue to pray for Natalie, Alex Jr. and Dana. Our God is showering His great grace on each of them!
Please continue to pray for Joanna Edwards and Lauren Higgins as they are doing well with their treatments. They would want me to tell each of you thank you!!
Bro. and Mrs. Moffitt have planned an activity with the singles of our church on March 23rd. Please let them know by February 28th if you can go. See either of them for the information and details. Sounds like fun to me!!
God bless you,
Pastor Bragg

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