Scott and Debbie Barker have been an intregal part of our church for almost 30 years. Debbie was saved in Dec.1983 and Scott was saved in Jan. 1984. They left for Bible college in August of 1986, returned to be our assistant pastor in 1990, took the city church from 1996 – 2002, and returned to resume as principal and assistant pastor. He has done a marvelous job and we will miss them immensely. Tonight will be our farewell fellowship for them and we trust the LORD will direct them and bless them as they move on to another chapter in their lives. We love them both!
Please pray for two young mothers in our church who have cancer. Joanna Edwards and Lauren Higgins both have breast cancer and are taking treatments immediately. Both are taking Chemotherapy and then will have surgery; we want to stand by our church members in their time of need. PLEASE PRAY!!
God bless you,
Pastor Bragg

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