The weather has been dominating our conversations lately and it does seem that the snow falls on Wednesday or Sunday! Thank you all for your patience with the services. Knowing that many of you will come no matter what, I consider and pray about those in the outlying areas. Wednesday night’s call was warranted. Other times we miss the mark, but thank you for your patience and faithfulness to the service as you are able to come.
Tonight we will hold our annual business meeting which was scheduled for last Wednesday. We will start the meeting shortly after our opening prayer and we encourage ALL church members to be present. We will announce our Faith Promise Commitments and vote on the General Fund distribution. Pray for good weather!!
Please pray for two young mothers in our church who have cancer. Joanna Edwards and Lauren Higgins both have breast cancer and are taking treatments immediately. Both will likely have surgery soon; we want to stand by our church members in their time of need. PLEASE PRAY!!

God bless you,

Pastor Bragg

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