Hallelujah!! We have had a marvelous time at this Messenger Conference these past few days. The preaching has been convicting and filled with the Word of God. The presentations have been stirring, informative and a blessing to see. Thank you: Dr. and Mrs. Edwards, Charlie and Gladie San Juan, RJ San Juan, Matt and Keila Stensaas, and Chris and Donna Lewis. Tonight we will hear from Andy and Jill Schultz. What a great servant spirit among these messengers!! Following our offering this morning we will collect our Faith Promise Cards. Thank you LBBC members for your faithfulness and devotion to our LORD!!
Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day. As we took the Messengers and the students from LBBA to the St. Louis Holocaust Museum; we heard from one of the best tour guides at the Museum. It was so humbling and moving to see the photos and hear the stories about the dear Jewish people who suffered unspeakable horrors of the holocaust. Six million Jewish People along with gypsies and other groups were murdered by the demonic forces of the Nazis. LBBC will continue to educate others about the holocaust.

God bless you,

Pastor Bragg

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