As we write this article, the St. Louis area is bracing for a major winter storm. Ice and snow is supposed to disrupt our lives for a weekend or so.
In Exodus 4:6, God used the “snow” of temporary leprosy to show Moses His mighty power and sovereignty. Moses believed God and trusted Him to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. God is in Control!
Isaiah 1:18, teaches us that our sins can be white as snow! Praise the LORD for our salvation by faith in Jehovah! God can Convert our soul!
Then in II Samuel 23:20, Benaiah slew a lion in a pit in the time of snow. The devil takes every advantage to defeat Israel and God’s People. However, God is still God in the time of snow. God is our Conqueror!┬áPraise the LORD for the snow of the Bible! Praise the LORD for His watch care over us.
Our worker’s meeting was canceled due to the weather. We will hand out the 2019 LBBC activity calendars tonight and have a “worker’s meeting” during the service. We love you workers and helpers.

God bless you,
Pastor Bragg

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