Welcome 2019!! Every year presents itself with new challenges, new commitments and new blessings; also comes new burdens, new heart aches, and new disappointments. How will you handle 2019? How did you handle 2018 and the years before that? The answer should be, “By God’s Mercy and Grace!” and “in the will of God!”. As we walk in the will of God, we can experience God’s Mercy and Grace. Outside the will of God, we are sure to face His wrath, judgement and chastisement. May we walk with our LORD this new year and handle 2019, “by God’s mercy and grace and in His will!!”

There is an important Worker’s Meeting for every active worker on Saturday, January 12 from Noon to 3 PM. The Church will provide a lunch and babysitting will be available. As a group, we go over goals, requirements, and the 2019 church calendar. Everyone is welcome and we ask that all current workers attend. If you have not been involved in the past and you would like to get involved, please come and join us! We would love to have you as part of the LBBC workers and helpers.

God bless you,
Pastor Bragg

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