The Schwers, the Harris Family, Mrs. Bragg and I are extremely grateful for the prayers of protection and safety on this recent Baja Mexico Trip. There are many incidences that cannot be put into a letter or even spoken publicly regarding this trip. And so it should be… God gets all the glory for the success and the safety we had and received. Your prayers in secret were known and seen by us in public! Thank you!!! Tonight we will give an update and many details of this successful but demanding trip.
Thank you Bro. Barker, Bro. Hart, Bro. DeJack, and Bro.Talari for filling the pulpit in my absence. This church is blessed beyond measure with Bible preachers!!
Tonight we will have a brief but important business meeting regarding a messenger family that has come home from the field.
Love in Christ,

Pastor Bragg

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