“I say then, Hath God cast away his people? God forbid.” “God hath not cast away his people which he foreknew.” Romans 1:1a -2a.
In this paragraph is a list from the Gentile Ministry newsletter dated October 29, 2018. “The names of the 11 Jewish victims from…The Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh: Joyce Fienberg, 75; Richard Gottfried, 65; Rose Mallinger, 97; Jerry Rabinowitz, 66; Cecil Rosenthal, 59; David Rosenthal, 54; Bernice Simon, 84; Sylvan Simon, 86; Daniel Stein, 71; Melvin Wax, 88; and Irving Younger, 69.”
Our stand has not and will not change as we stand with Israel and pray for the families of these victims.
We are so grateful for each of our Veterans who were willing to give their lives for us in the armed services of the United States of America. Today, we will honor them and show a small appreciation for their service by providing a meal following this morning’s service. All Veterans and their families are welcome to stay for a delicious meal in the fellowship hall. We certainly miss Verdell Rout, Ted White, and Joe Durbin, Veterans who went home to heaven this year.

Pastor Bragg

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