To God be the Glory!! Praise the LORD for last week’s services and all the individual help that was given.We read the names last Sunday night and can’t thank you enough!
There were 20 messages preached during our Anniverary Week. You can order them individually ($3.00 each) or you can order the set for $40.00. Please purchase them by using an offering envelope, mark on it “Anniversary Sermon” and the date with the preacher’s name. If you are getting the set, mark it “Ann.Sermon Set” please write your complete address. Many have ordered the LBBC photo CD with each decade on it for $10.00. Additionally there will be another one made with all of the Anniversary week’s worth of photos; it will be on a separate CD for $3.00. All proceeds will go toward a playground for the children.
Thank you Church Family for the incredible gift that you gave us last Sunday night. It left me speechless and there are no words to express the gratitude that Debbie and I feel toward this church. Truly, “you are in our hearts”. Thank you. Thank you Bro. Barker for filling the pulpit for us today. We are in CA speaking to a group of Jewish friends.

God Bless you,

Pastor Bragg

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