This is the last day of our week long celebration of our 50th Church Anniversary. Our God is so good to us; we have had a wonderful time! Thank you to ALL the preachers who preached: for the time, effort and Spirit filled messages!!
Today we are so grateful to have Dr. Darrell Murphy preach the morning message. His enthusiasm and demeanor in the pulpit just blesses us and encourages us to do more for the LORD! Also, we welcome Steve and Bonita Epley from Washington IA. They are some of our favorite singers. Thank you Bro. Will Sharp and Bro. Dan Skrha for coming and speaking to us in Sunday school today. Bro. Sharp & Bro. Skhra grew up here, graduated from our Academy and serve God in their churches (Will in IA and Dan in KY). It is an honor to have each man and family here at Lafayette.
There were (or will be) 20 messages preached this week. You can order them individually ($3.00 each) or you can order the set for $40.00. Please purchase them by using an offering envelope, mark on it “Anniversary Sermon” and the date with the preacher’s name. If you are getting the set, mark it “Ann.Sermon Set” please write your complete address. Also, there is a 50% off sale in the bookstore on all books and Bibles in honor of our 50th Anniversary. Don’t forget the LBBC photo CD for $10.00 also.

God Bless you,

Pastor Bragg

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