Today we welcome Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Fielder, from Boaz AL. Dr. Fielder was a very successful pastor in Florida for many years. In the late 1980’s he surrendered to be a full time evangelist and has been traveling for the LORD with God’s hand of blessing on him. He has authored 15 books. Dr. Fielder will be speaking in Sunday School and tonight.
We also welcome our former pastor, Dr. Howard Casey and his wife, Sandy. Bro. Casey is a 1976 graduate from Midwestern Baptist College. He founded Liberty Baptist Temple in Chillicothe OH. After 5 years he accepted a call to the Lafayette Bible Baptist Church and was pastor for almost 6 years. For the last 20 plus years he has been the senior pastor of Shelby Bible Church in Shelby Township, MI. He has been in the ministry for over forty years; he and his wife have 4 children and 11 grandchildren.
Bro. Casey led Bro. Scott Barker to the LORD in January of 1984 and mentored him for the next 2 years. LBBC owes a great debt to this man of God for his leadership, wisdom, and perseverance.
We are honored to have each man here today.

God Bless you,

Pastor Bragg

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