Leviticus 25:9a-10a, “Then shalt thou cause the trumpet of the jubile to sound …..And ye shall hallow the fiftieth year…” Anniversary week has been titled “The Year of Jubilee” since it is our 50th year of existence as a church. We are rejoicing in the 50 years of salvations, baptisms and our church members. We are rejoicing in the 50 years of bus routes, vacation Bible schools, and starting new churches. We are rejoicing in the dozens of messengers, trips to Israel and the friendships with our Jewish friends. If we could blow a trumpet and shout to the rooftops we would!! To God be all the Glory and Honor; thank the LORD for this year!!
The year of jubilee for the Hebrews was in conjunction with the land of Israel. They were not to plant or harvest to give the land rest. As we think about our land, The United States, there is no rest for us. The political turmoil is rampant, the hurricanes are blasting the coasts and heathen are raging. Let me encourage you with this idea… Before the LORD comes, there will be a trumpet that will sound and HE IS COMING SOON!! Wouldn’t it be a Jubilee Year if our Messiah would return during our Jubilee week??? Shalom,

Pastor Bragg.

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