Thank you to everyone who prayed for Bro. Alex and me! Due to the travel difficulties, this trip was the hardest trip we have taken, but (hopefully) it will prove to be a profitable trip. We met several Jewish people and handed out the Word of God. We preached to almost 700 people in three services about our duty to the Jews. For the most part, it was very well received and we have an invitation to return. We encouraged our three team members and met more of their families. Bro. Alex and I worked on his responsibilities as pastor of a growing church. It was a privilege to represent LBBC and the Gentile Ministry. Many, many people said, “Please thank your chuch for allowing you to come. You and Alex were so refreshing to hear.” Please pray for Ukraine; please pray for the Jewish people in Ukraine. Thank you so much!!

LBBA’s first day of school is September 4th and we are certainly looking forward to another school year. Parents don’t forget that there will be a parent/teacher meeting on August 27th. These meetings really are important and we ask that at least one parent attend the meeting for any new items we may need to discuss.

God bless you,

Pastor Bragg

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