So often we have used this phrase, but it is truly accurate for this article. Time and space will not allow us to write everything we saw and heard when the Gentile Ministry hosted over 90 people to the Synagogue in Olivette MO and to the St. Louis Holocaust Museum on July 31st. Twenty six of our church members went and heard the Chief Rabbi speak about their order of service, the precious Torah Scrolls and the name of Abram changed to Abraham. It was a thrill to every soul who heard him. Then Irl Solomon spoke to us at the Museum about our St. Louis history and our roots to the holocaust via some of our own St. Louis citizens. Finally, the day was capped off with a testimony from a 90 year old holocaust survivor, Mendel Rosenberg. Tears flowed as he told of being in prison camps and finally liberated from Dachau by the Americans. Dr. Sharp presented him with a Tanakh; we heard him read to us in Hebrew from this blessed book. Time and space does not allow to explain all that took place on this historic day. Thank you Dr. Sharp and the Gentile Ministry. Please pray for our Ukrainian trip these next 10 days to help the Jews return to Israel.

Pastor Bragg

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