May 31, 2015

Page0002Well, praise the LORD for the good time the men are having on the Father Son camp out. At the time of this writing, (Friday afternoon) the men are still on the camp out, (ETA Sat. afternoon). They are all safe so far, they have caught some nice fish (if the photos are correct) but they are wet. Praise the LORD for Bro. Barker, and the work that he does and continues to do for this activity. With his good leadership, it has become a group effort. Praise the LORD for strengthening the Father/Son relationships and for the Spiritual strength also.
Today our church family will gladly hear Dr. Bryan Sharp, our fellow church member and God called evangelist. He mentioned to me that he may speak about burdens today. Our church family is blessed to hear such Biblical, Doctrinal, and such Powerful preaching. Don’t miss a word; the very phrase you miss, may be the one God gave through Bro. Sharp for you. Of course, we continue to pray for his wife, Mary Joyce and for his upcoming trip to Israel.
We see some lights at the end of some tunnels. The closing date on our old property is June 5, the closing date on the Bragg’s old house is June 19. Praise GOD!!!! But the light on lost people is going out even faster. If it took you 3 minutes to read this bulletin, 319 people’s light went out!
We must reach them now! God bless you, Pastor Bragg