King's Kids Bible Memory Club is a Wednesday evening program with children ages 6 - 6th grade where the children learn patriotic phrases and, most importantly, the Word of God. Mr. and Mrs. Philipose head up this good ministry; Shiphie Philipose, Jeff Marshall, Charlotte Smith, Sherman Smith and Sarah Thesing are great helpers in this work also. Tonight, the King's Kids have their awards ceremony and closing program during our 6 o'clock service.  God bless you young people. 
 Praise the LORD for the wonderful trip Dr. Sharp, Bro. Edwards and  the men took to Israel; we are thankful they have returned safely!!  If you do not read the daily newsletters from the Gentile Ministry, you should!! This is the best, up to date, news coverage of any national or international agency of any country. There are so many photos from this trip of the brave men and women along both borders of Israel with Gaza and Hezbollah. Further details of this trip will be give by Bro. Edwards (and possibly Dr. Sharp) on Wednesday evening at 7:30 PM. You won't want to miss this mid-week service!    
                                                                                     God bless you, 
Pastor Bragg

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