WOW! Much has happened already since “Anniversary Sunday.” Bro. Sharp, Bro. Edwards and the men are in Israel;they are right on the border with the Ravshatzim, protecting the Jewish population that lives along the Gaza border from the Palestinian attackers. Please continue to pray for them!! Bro. Sharp spoke to our “friends” in Ashdod; there were 21 people in attendance. Both Bro. Sharp and Bro. Alex said they had an excellent service. Praise the LORD. Again, please pray for Israel!
Debbie and I were in San Francisco CA last Sunday at the First Slavic Baptist Church. We met a Jewish man who has been saved, baptized and growing in the LORD since we were there last Spring. I reacquainted myself with many of the dear Jewish friends that we met back in April 2018. A total of 66 Russian Bibles and 43 Hebrew Tanakhs were given! To God be the Glory for each contact!!
Meanwhile, life goes on here in St. Louis!! Church members work, live and thrive while these other ministries carry on. HOW THANKFUL Bro. Sharp, Bro. Edwards, Debbie and I are for a home church that “holds the ropes” while the work to support Israel and the Jewish people continue!!

God Bless you, Pastor Bragg

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