Praise the LORD for the continued progress on the platform! Please pardon the mess; please be patient until we are done.

     Lafayette Bible Baptist Academy will begin it’s 39th year!!!  Dr. Scott Barker is our principal and the faculty are: Rev. Todd Laughbaum, HS; JoAnna Laughbaum, Elem; Katrina Schrock, K-4 & K-5; and Debbie Bragg, Piano teacher.  Please add these names to your prayer list and every church member is welcome to attend any school meeting that is announced.  LBBA is a vital part of LBBC.  Praise the LORD for our Christian school.

     Tonight, we have a farewell fellowship for our faithful church members and fellow servants of the LORD, Ron and Vivian Skrha.  This couple have been members of our church since May of 1997.  Except for a brief time in Arkansas, they have faithfully fulfilled the duties they hold or have held: soul winners, bus driver, bus workers, Sunday school teachers, Jr. Church workers, Trustee for Bro. Skrha, preparer of the Lord’s Supper elements, School Teacher for Mrs. Skrha, nursery worker for Mrs. Skrha, and janitors.  We love these folks and pray the best for them as they move to Troy, OH. 

               God bless you richly is my prayer,  Pastor Bragg

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