Praise the LORD for the great start on the auditorium.  Pastor Aaron Rodgerson and his crew did a lot of work in just 2 1/2 days!! Please keep in mind, we are not even close to being finished and there is much more to do.  We may even make some changes along the way (which would be in keeping with our Baptist heritage). The main goal is accomplished, THE BAPTISTRY IS OUT OF THE FLOOR AND I WILL BE PREACHING ON A SOLID FOUNDATION. Thank you to all the men that helped on Wednesday night.  The crew started so well because of the preparation that was done.  It was so encouraging to this pastor to see so many men willing to work on Wednesday evening.  Can’t say thank you enough!!

     Thank you Bro. Barker for the preparation for the materials to start the project.  So much had to be done before we started and without Bro. Barker, it just wouldn’t have been done.

     School also begins in a few weeks, we thank the Lord for the opportunity that we have to help educate children.  What a privilege and responsibility.  Pray for September 5th for our first day..

               God bless you richly is my prayer, 

               Pastor Bragg

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