Praise the LORD for the good service last week and thank you (Bro. Barker, Bro. Marshall, Bro. Talari and Bro. Sharp) for filling the pulpit in my absence.  We took a family vacation with the 17 of us. What a blessing to me that the unanimous vote for church attendance Sunday morning was LBBC! Thank you, Church Family, for the prayers, concern and love to us. It is very much appreciated and very much undeserved. 

     All of us who prayed for and followed the Laughbaums and teenagers on the recent Mexico trip are thrilled to hear that the trip went so well.  Tonight, Bro. and Mrs. Laughbaum and the Teenagers are going to give their testimonies about the trip.  As a church, we were praying, pulling for and asking God for a good trip.  God so graciously answered our prayers which you will see and hear tonight.  Bro. Laughbaum has some photos along with the testimonies.  Thank you Bro. Laughbaum for your dedication and literal drive to make this trip happen.

     Pray for the Barkers, they head out on vacation this week. Pray for Bro. Sharp, his treatments are coming to an end soon.

                                                 God bless you, Pastor Bragg

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