Praise and Prayer! Praise the LORD for the 6 saved in prison this week! Praise the LORD for the great group out soulwinning yesterday (19), and Praise the LORD for our wonderful freedoms and liberties here in the USA!! Pray for Sherita Hernandez who had a miscarriage, pray for Dan Palmer who fell and broke 4 ribs and Kevin Vest to recover completely from his back surgery. These two lists continue on until Jesus comes! Praise and Prayer, Thank God for both.

This week (July 9-13) the Laughbaums are taking our teenagers to Victory Camp in Somerset KY. The guest speaker for the week will be Pastor Sam Robinson from Arnold Baptist Tabernacle. Please pray that God will keep them safe, that God will use Pastor Robinson and that the teenagers will allow God to speak to them during this special time! Ted and Julie Huston will be coming to be with our church family on July 17, 18, 19. We are scheduling soul winners to go with Bro. Huston. Please let Bro. Barker know if you would like to go soul winning with Bro. Huston.


God bless you,

Pastor Bragg

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