This has been one of those weeks that the college professors told us that we as Preacher Boys would have.  It started with a Monday phone call from a man that visited our church who desperately needed a pastor’s attention, (of which we gladly did)!  A pastor from Kansas called and asked us to help another pastor flying into St. Louis who needed a ride from the airport to Belleville IL, which we gladly did. Albeit, the plane was delayed, the rental car was canceled, etc., etc., etc.  Then the call came from Bro. Payne asking me to drive to Sullivan MO to witness to his dying aunt, which we did, but to no avail.  (Please pray for Aunt Sylia, she is in a nursing home with hospice.)  Then a call came from another pastor friend who is looking for an assistant pastor and wanted my help.  On Thursday, Pastor Michael McCaslin, 54 years old, died of complications from a heart attack. (Bro. Barker and I just sat with Bro. Mike at Mrs. Robinson’s funeral in June.)  The same day we attended an ordination counsel for a new pastor in this area. 

     I hope I have not neglected any of our church members and thank the LORD for a God Who hears and answers prayer. Thank the LORD for His power, love and sound mind! 

            God bless you,

            Pastor Bragg

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