This Wednesday our nation celebrates her 242nd birthday! This birthday has come with a tremendous price; freedom is not free. Tonight we will deliver a message on the United States:Israel, the Bible and Prayer. Then on Wednesday night we will have an hour long service with patriotic singing and a message about the price paid at the founding of these United States. We are glad you are here today and we hope you will enjoy this week; please take time to observe the great debt every person in the USA owes!

Most of you know of our 50th Anniversary week, September 23-30, 2018. We have many preachers and former “preacher boys” coming to speak. Our Israeli friends will be with us one night; and the children will have fun with the inflatables that are coming. If you have any photos of people or of yourselves from the last 50 years, please bring them to Sherman or Charlotte Smith in the bookstore. If you bring the printed copy of the photo, please do not write on the front of the photos and put them in a marked envelope for easy return. If you have them on a digital file, you can email them to Bro. Smith at sherm@charnsherm.com

God bless you,

Pastor Bragg

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