Today we welcome Ron and Edie Todd from Costa Rica. Bro. Todd will give his report on what the Lord has been doing in that Latin American country. We are privileged to have such faithful messengers going in our place! Today is Father’s Day and we welcome all the Fathers in our service today. We have a gift for you and an ugly tie contest that yields a nice gift card. God bless you Men!

Vacation Bible School starts tomorrow. Some think VBS started in 1894 in Hopedale IL, or perhaps in 1898 in Virginia. The first VBS material was published in 1922 by the Baptist Mission Society. While others say it was Dr. Abraham L. Latham with the 3rd Presbyterian Church in Chester PA with a peak attendance of 700 students! However, I believe Jesus started the first VBS in Luke 2. 1. Jesus was on Vacation, (A feast day was a holiday.) 2. Jesus was twelve years old, (A junior age boy.) 3. Jesus was there at least 4 days, (His parents lost him for one day and then 3 days later they found Him!) 4. Jesus was learning and teaching the Bible, (Teachers can teach the Bible and learn from their VBS children!) Please pray for good weather, souls saved and safety!

God bless you, Pastor

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