Thank you LBBC Family for supporting the Gentile Ministry and the financial help that you have given over the years to support Dr. Sharp, Bro. Edwards and our messengers in the Holy Land. Thank you LBBC Family for allowing this pastor to travel to Israel and speak comfortably to the dear Hebrew people as we just did these past 11 days. With every trip there seems to be an increased awareness of the Gentile Ministry and the “born-agains” that sing that “Moses” song. Our guide, Leor and his family are so thankful for the spirit and attitude of our groups; they especially reminded us to thank everyone in the United States and at your church that supports Israel. A special thanks to the Gentile Ministry secretary, Rebekah Moffitt for ALL the hard work of planning, communications, glitches and “fixes” that goes into a trip that we just completed. It was an amazing trip and couldn’t have been done without Becky!

The statement is made at the end of every Israel trip, “Next Year in Jerusalem”. Save your money now, get your passport now, and prepare to go next year! One first timer said to me, “It was everything you said and MORE!” Come to Israel with us!!

Thank you Bro. Barker (and all those who helped him) for the extra effort that goes into this ministry when I am gone. It is with great appreciation that the simple words, “Thank you” seem so inadequate. God bless you, Pastor Bragg

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