Our hearts are uplifted and excited to know that Bro. Barker will be preaching this morning at the 10:30 am hour. Bro. and Mrs. Barker were saved in this church as young adults, he was called to preach here and returned in 1990, following his college graduation. There is no way Bro. Alex and I could do what we do if it were not for Bro. Barker. This church is helping Israel greatly with your faithfulness here. Thank you!

Tonight Pastor Glen Yoder from Bible Baptist Church in Kahoka MO will be preaching. Bro. Yoder has been pastoring for 20+ years. He is a polio survivor and former Amish. He has been used of God to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to many others who are in that religion. We believe you will really enjoy this man of God. Praise the Lord, Bro. Laughbaum will preach next Wednesday and we will see you on Easter Sunday morning!!

We are looking forward to the month of April in the bus ministry. Each SATURDAY we want every able member to come on visitation and each Sunday we will have something special for all the children on the busses. Please pray for the bus ministry!

Praise the Lord, $2,340 has been raised for the new bus! We appreciate everyone who has participated so far. Our goal is (at least) $3,000. We are excited about seeing more folks attending through our church’s bus ministry.

God bless you, Pastor

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