Today we welcome Bro. Nick Thompson and his family. Bro. Thompson was born in Lasalle IL and grew up there until he was 16. His mother sent him to a boarding school in MO and after a few months, Nick trusted the Lord in 2002. His family was not saved and he witnessed to his mother. She started attending Lighthouse Baptist Church in Lasalle where she was saved. Shortly after Bro. Nick was saved he was called to preach and he graduated from the boys home in 2004;he attended Bible college in 2005. His first year of college he saw his father and step mother saved. His second year, he saw his brother saved. Bro. Nick graduated from college in 2009; he met and married Kristen Becker the same year and they have two precious children. We are glad to have Bro. Thompson and his family; please welcome them and give him your attention as he preaches God’s Word for us and to us in the morning and evening services.

We are looking forward to the month of April in the bus ministry. Each SATURDAY we want every able member to come on visitation;each Sunday we will have something special for all the children on the busses. Prayer participation is welcome also!

We would like to try to raise $3000 for a new bus. The bus ministry has $3000 saved already and another $3000 would help us buy a much nicer bus than what we have. If you can participate that would be wonderful.

God bless you, Pastor

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