Well praise the Lord for a good week and being able to see the Lord work in the lives of people.

We are looking forward to the month of April in the bus ministry. There are five Sundays in the month and each Saturday we would like to invite everyone who would to come out on visitation at 10:00AM. We will have bus areas to cover and try to encourage many new riders to come on the busses in the month of April. If you are inexperienced in this we will certainly send you with someone who is experienced to be a help to you.

Each Sunday we will have a special treat for the children, popcorn, cotton candy, snow cones etc. There will also be a special gift for each child that comes. Each Sunday every child that comes will get a hat, of course it will be a different hat every week. If you have neighbors or friends that you have been looking to invite this would be a perfect opportunity to get their children to encourage them to come.

Also during the month we would like to try to raise $3000 for a new bus. The bus ministry has $3000 saved already and another $3000 would help us buy a much nicer bus than what we have. If you can participate that would be wonderful.

Please pray for Pastor as he has been preaching a missions conference Wednesday through today. Pray for a good missions offering for that Church.

God bless you,Bro Barker

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