Offering a thank you to each of you for the time you spent in prayer for Bro. Alex and me is such a small offering, but it is the most sincere offering we can give. Bro. Alex stated to me over and over again, please greet the church and thank them for ALL they do for me and my family and for Israel! God was so very good to us on this trip to Ukraine as we seek to bring the sons and daughters of Abraham back to their Promised Land. It was another profitable trip in every way and though I do not want to bore anyone, I will give an update tonight with some photos that I could not give on the Gentile Ministry daily updates.

Thank you, Bro. Barker for ALL the little details that has to be cared for by a pastor in my absence. You did a fantastic job; Church, we are so very fortunate to have leadership of his caliber serving the Lord here! Thank you! Thank you Bro. Sharp and Bro. Edwards on the framing done in the auditorium! It completes and ties together the entire room. It looks great.

I love and missed you all, glad to be home. Pastor

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