As we close out 2017, we look back and thank the LORD for His blessings on our church and on our families. Several new families have joined the church this year! We are grateful for every young person, teenager and adult that joined in 2017. Praise the LORD for our church family. Many families have added a son in law, a daughter in law or a grandchild. Thank the LORD for His incredible blessings.

Looking back, we are reminded of loved ones who passed away. Bro. Martin, Bro. Parks and just last week, Bro. Everett Rodgers. Other church members have lost immediate family members, aunts, uncles, or cousins this year as well. Heaven is so much sweeter than when this year started. Praise the LORD for His wonderful grace to those who are willing to receive it!

Whether blessings or sorrows, we should ask the LORD, “How can we show forth Christ in each situation?” May God give us the grace to answer this question for 2018.

God bless each of you and Happy New Year, Pastor Bragg

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