There are three Homes that everyone should have. An earthly home, into which all of us were born. We did not choose our family, but we can choose how we treat the family God gave us! May we continue to be thankful for our earthly homes. Then we need a church home. This home can be chosen and the criteria should be the Word of God. Find out what the Bible says about a church home and then join a Bible preaching, Bible practicing church. By the way, you can improve on this church home by using your talents, time and treasures for the LORD through your local church. Finally, everyone needs a heavenly home! This too is your choice, however you can’t improve on it, you can’t earn it, and you can’t buy it. You must be born again by the Spirit of God by grace through faith. Are you saved? Are you part of a church home? How are you treating your earthly family?

Please continue to pray for Everett Rodgers who is in Mercy Hospital in Washington MO with congestive heart failure. Also, please pray for our shut ins and those traveling these next few weeks.

God bless you, Pastor Bragg

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