Wednesday evening we preached a message on the Roman’s Road, which is a “path”of verses through the book of Romans that directs people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. After some research, I cannot find when this method was first used; most likely around 60 AD, shortly after Paul wrote the book of Romans by the inspiration of the Holy Ghost!! Nonetheless, those of us who have used this method have a danger of leaning heavily on these verses and not using the whole Bible as our message for salvation. This method leaves out repentance and does not directly cover the subject of Hell. Albeit, the Roman’s Road is STILL a great method and should be used along with other Scriptures. Tens of Thousands of lost souls have been saved by some Spirit filled soul winner showing them the “Roman’s Road.” The saddest news of all is that we who know the Bible don’t use the Bible to lead others to Christ…. Let’s go Soul Winning!!!!

Tonight, Jonathan LaBarge will be preaching. Jonathan and Melissa live in Knoxville TN and he is an assistant pastor at Cedar Ridge Baptist Church. We are glad they are with us. God bless you,

Pastor Bragg

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