Praise the LORD for a brand new year to serve the LORD. The date on the calendar shouldn’t affect our service to the LORD, but many people are motivated by the change to a New Year! As we look through the Bible, God gives days, weeks, months and years as markers for mourning or celebration. As we preached last Sunday night, we should ask God to teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts unto wisom.

At the writing of this article, Mrs. Bragg and I are preparing for the worker’s meeting. We are so grateful for each and every worker, helper, and caring church member at Lafayette! Bro. and Mrs. Everett Rodgers were a great help to new members by just being freindly. Bro. and Mrs. Barker didn’t find this out until Bro. Everett’s funeral. What a difference a concerned church member makes to those who are visiting or new members to our church! Thank you to those who continue to go the extra mile for the LORD!

God Bless YOU,

Pastor Bragg

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